Peter Pan Panto Children's Auditions (Ages 7-13)

We are excited to be holding an open audition for any boy or girl aged 7-13 who would like to try out for a role within our panto Peter Pan.

July 24, 2018
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Everyone is welcome, and there are no fees to audition. Parents are welcome to remain with their children.

Saturday 4th August at Vikingar:

11.15am registration 

11.30am workshop learning song (Go West), acting and movement!

12.30 break (bring a snack!)

12.45 auditions

1.30 end of day

You don’t need to prepare anything, we’ll teach everyone on the day! We are looking to cast our Lost Children chorus, and also audition for some principal character roles. The adult auditions are happening later the same week, so we won’t be announcing the full cast until after those nights. We may ask some children to come and read with the adults.

Rehearsals will begin in September. Although we have not finalised the rehearsal dates due to production team scheduling, we expect to rehearse our kids on Saturdays initially, and after the school holidays there will also be some week night rehearsals particularly in November and typically these are Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Kids should be available for all of show week (from 1st December) and all performances (6-8 December inc Saturday matinee). If any child is auditioning for a principal role including Peter Pan (ages 12-13), parents must have give consent for their child to fly in the production, and auditionees shouldn’t have a fear of heights!

Cast places are limited so come along, bring a big smile and lots of energy and good luck! 

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