Largs Players Peter Pan Cast Announced

Overwhelmed by Talented Turnout!

September 15, 2018
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We were overwhelmed by the talent that auditioned for Peter Pan, the level of interest was unprecedented and we had over 60 kids and adults audition. It made our job of selecting a cast even harder than usual. As always the decisions were not easy so thank you all for giving your everything and congratulations to those who will be joining the cast, which includes some new small parts I’ve added to showcase the range of talent we have:

Peter Pan - Chris Haggerty

Tinkerbell - Daisy Wilson

Dame - Jon Wilkin

Smee - Matt Carnegie

Marydoll the mermaid - Stephanie Caldwell

Captain Hook - Danny Lindsay

Tiger lily - Ashley smith

Wendy - lily Ewing

John - Marco de Stefano

Michael - Bruno Cowan

PIRATES, led by:

Shivers - John Linden

Timbers - Genna Allen

Plank - Andy Lambert

PIRATE CREW (adult ensemble)

Miles Schofield

Abbie Ducat

Anne McCarron

Kim Margery

Alison Goldie

Louise Russell

Fiona Carruthers

Lynne McCabe

Karen McKinley

Olivia Anderson

Willie Mullen

Isobel Kell

Christine Spitoni

Anna Wylie


Pockets - Josh Ennis

Toodles - Ruby McGill

Teeny - Nuala Cameron Finn

LOST CHILDREN (junior ensemble)

Amber McCarthy

Derren Milligan

Anya Milligan

Holly Connell

Kayla mccutcheon

Finlay Strahan

Jessica Aydin

Zara Finlayson

Rosie Strahan

Luisa De Stefano

Eva Keogh

Theo Barker

Oriana Strahan

Murray Arneil

Oscar Bridge

Kris Ferguson

Cameron Barker

Amy Wilson

Cormac Cameron Finn

Thanks all you did so well you should be very proud, and those who didn’t make it this year we hope to see you again in future

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