Save the Date! Peter Pan Auditions

Audition dates: 4th & 8th August

Drew Cochrane
July 29, 2018
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Saturday 4th August: CHILDREN only - More Details HERE

Open auditions for any child with a great energy to join our show as the Lost Boys/Girls and some of the smaller principal roles. We are going to have a morning workshop with lots of fun to be had with acting, singing and dancing. Don’t be shy, come along and have a go!

Open to children aged 7-13 

Wednesday 8th & 9th August: ADULTS only  - More Details HERE

Our auditions for everyone ages 14+ who are auditioning for the adult chorus and/or Principal roles will take place at 7pm at Clark Memorial church hall, Largs. Nothing to prepare just come along ready for some fun! Full details of roles we will be auditioning for will be announced shortly. And if you are planning to audition for Peter we hope you’re not afraid of heights ....!

Drew Cochrane

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