Become a Friend of Largs Players

We are excited to rebrand our Patrons membership scheme and launch our new membership scheme FRIENDS OF LARGS PLAYERS

Drew Cochrane
June 14, 2018
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If you enjoy supporting us throughout the year why not become a Friend? For only £10 per year you will receive these great benefits:

* invitations to our members only social events

* priority booking for shows and exclusive advance booking discounts 

* our monthly newsletter by email or post

....And more!!

If you'd like to become a Friend please use the Contact Form on the website to express your interest.Note: those who perform with us require full or student membership.

Our current friends are: Marjorie Behan, Agnes Caldwell, Margaret Cameron, Margaret Docherty, John Fulton, Nan Fulton, Ken Jarrett, Shelagh MacDonald, Thomas Maguire, Douglas McCord, Marie Anne McCord, Joyce McLaughlin, Ryan Moir, Kate Telfer, Ian Tennant, Sheila Tennant, David Galt, Edward McWilliams, June McWilliams, Theresa Lucas, Eleanor McGawn and Eileen Mitchell.

Drew Cochrane

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