December 2017 Panto Beauty and The Beast

Oh no it isn't - oh yes it is!

Pat Nicol
October 28, 2017

The Players, who are renowned, for almost 50 years of annual pantomimes have come up with a very topical new script for our December 2017 Panto.

Talented club actress and director, Laura Edison has penned a new version of Beauty And The Beast which has been one of the great new films of the year.

So dedicated is Laura to the panto, which she will produce, that she has spent a lot of time in Florida, visiting Disneyworld (it's a dirty job but somebody has to do it).

However, as a prolific scriptwriter and director she has put loads of original ideas and moves in Beauty And The Beast which will take to the Barrfields Pavilion Theatre stage from December 7 to 9 with four performances, including a matinee.

Tickets will be available to book online, at Barrfields Theatre or by calling our booking hotline - 0333 666 3366

Pat Nicol

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