First Footin - Cast Members

A brand new Scottish original comedy play

August 19, 2018
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Thank you so much to everybody who auditioned for "First Footin". The amount of talent available to us was unbelievable.  You all made the casting committee's job extremely difficult and, in fact, we could have cast it several times over in different combinations.   However, we feel we have struck the right balance of characters now and are delighted to announce our cast. 


Maisie Baillie - Hazel Douglas

Don Baillie - Hugh Douglas

Greer Baillie - Star Penders

Errol Baillie - Milo Alcorn

Doris Baillie - Ruby McGill

Agnes/Elsie Bedpot - Linda McMurray

Frank - Ian Sommerville

Wee Ecki - Kris Ferguson

Rev Archie Dick - Drew Cochrane

Jockie Jamieson - Jon Wilkin

PC Robbie Fraser/Alfie McGourty - Alan Milligan

Betty Tattersal - Claire Wright

Nelly Tattersal - Maggie Telfer

Fiona Henderson - Issy Kell

Winnie Carr - Lynne McCabe

Maggie McGourty - Laura Edison

Ewan/Hughie Henderson/Johnny Mac - Matt Wilkin


So sorry to those who were unsuccessful.  We do hope you will come along and support the show in one way or another - back stage, front of house or in the audience. 

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